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Treatments who have
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We have provided some useful information that we hope will assist you.

Why have I arrived here?

You have arrived here by clicking a link on your Council website.

Who are we?

SDK (Environmental) Limited, trading as DialAPest currently provides a Domestic Pest Control Service on behalf of your Council. We are not permitted to vary or change your Council rates.

How much do we charge?

Your Council sets its own fees. These should be published and freely available on your Council website. We are not permitted to alter or vary these.

What if I am on benefits?

Many Councils offer additional subsidies or free treatments to residents in receipt of certain qualifying benefits. So it is worth letting us know if this applies to you.

Collecting Payment for Service, if due:

We normally collect any payment due by Debit or Credit Card once your booking request has been confirmed.

Stay Protected - Know Your Rights

Lawful trading requires you to be issued in writing with full details of what will be provided and the costs, before any work starts these are called terms and conditions and you must accept these before we can start any work. You may cancel our services, or part of them, at any time before the treatment is complete (or if earlier, within 14 days of the booking), in which case you may receive a refund, depending on when we are notified of the cancellation.

I am not happy with the service provided...

If for any reason you are dis-satisfied with our service please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to address this. If you prefer you can of course advise your Council directly, many have online complaint forms.